Make coal companies pay their fair share

San Juan Power Plant

What: BLM listening session on coal royalties
Where: Courtyard Marriott, 560 Scott Ave., Farmington
When: 1-4 p.m. Thursday, August 20th

Dear fellow Sierran,

On Aug. 20 in Farmington, you have a critical opportunity to make mining companies pay their fair share for coal mined on our public lands.

Summer Gardening tips

By Jessie Emerson, Zero Waste Committee

Zero waste means no toxic waste in the environment. Summertime, gardening, veggies and flowers mean pest control. Before you reach for a commercial product, read these tips:

1. Rabbits in the garden? Plant some food outside the garden for the bunnies. Wormwood in a border will repel animals and, after establishing, tolerate drought.

2. A dusting of powdered aloe helps keep away insects.

Pajarito Group: Where are our bighorn sheep?

By Jody Benson

No Bag Ban for Los Alamos — Yet

By Jody Benson, Pajarito Group newsletter editor

“Save the Bag” comes to Los Alamos

By Jody Benson, Pajarito Group Newsletter Editor

If you have read comments in the Los Alamos Monitor,, or, you have seen that well-meaning people are either uninformed, misinformed, or have been activated by the American Chemical Association (ACA) to fight a ban on the single-use disposable plastic shopping bag. An interesting assertion from the save-the-baggers is that bags aren’t a problem locally or globally, and there are no bags blowing around Los Alamos.

Local Climate Change Guru Hits Rolling Stone

The team led by Nate McDowel, Earth Systems Observations Group, Los Alamos National Laboratory, has been studying climate change for many years. The effect of global warming and drought on tree physiology is often ignored or even unknown by not only climate deniers but committed environmentalists. Rolling Stone’s latest article on climate change shows how the effects of higher temperatures and drought kill trees, and how tree death exacerbates climate change.

Petition: sign to get rid of plastic bags in Los Alamos!

It is time to stop the use of plastic bags in Los Alamos County.

Plastic bags don't biodegrade. UV rays break down plastic into smaller pieces through photodegradation, but these small particles continue to pollute the soil and water. Plastic bags in landfills can take up to 1,000 years to break down.

Los Alamos County needs to do its part in protecting the Earth that we all live on. Please tell our county councilors to ban the bag in Los Alamos! by clicking here:

Thank you for your support!

Heinrich Makes Speech In Opposition To Keystone Pipeline

U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich, a member of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, delivered a speech on the Senate floor in opposition to legislation to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Watch his speech here.

What about plastic bags?

plastic bags in landfill

Los Alamos County Public Works Director Philo Shelton contracted with a new recycler, Friedman Recycling, a state-of-the-art facility in Albuquerque that recycles items previously prohibited such as #1 through #7 plastic containers, rigid plastic toys, and cereal/cracker boxes. The information circular distributed with your utility bill also states that you can Blue-Bin single-use plastic grocery bags. This recycling, however, comes with a caveat: you can recycle the bags, but unless Friedman Recycling has a market for them, the bags get trucked to the Rio Rancho landfill.

NM at Center of Obama's Climate-Change Proposal

oil driller with off-gas

New Mexico may be among the states most impacted by President Barack Obama's effort to regulate and reduce methane gas emissions.


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